A downloadable game for Windows


Short shmup. Destroy enemies and collect items!


  • Destroy enemies and collect items!
  • Game over when player life becomes zero
  • Player life will automatically recover
  • Consume the gauge and shoot the Hyper attack (player will be invinsible for a short time).


Supported game controller (recommended) and keyboard.

  • Move: arrow keys
  • Main shot: Z key
  • Hyper shot: X key
  • Pause: Enter key

System requirements

  • Windows
  • DirectX runtime library


A_L_S_X_1.1.1.zip 8.7 MB


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Really a great tiny shoot 'em up. Good fun to play, the ship movement is not too twitchy like it sometimes is. The difficulty starts off as surprisingly easy on the first level, but it starts to creep up on the second one. Actually one of the contributors to this is that with more enemies, you get all those coins in the small window and so you have to pay extra attention to where the actual enemies are.

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